Friday, November 25, 2011

Thermostat Collage

I only accomplished one small home decorating project this past weekend. I was trying to enjoy the outside before it gets too cold for this southerner, so I spent time planting daffodil bulbs for next spring, raking leaves, and cleaning up flower beds. I won't bother you with a picture of the holes I dug or the leaves I raked. Trust me when I say I dug a LOT of holes. Hopefully, my hard work will be rewarded in the spring!

Here's the decor project I did accomplish. My thermostat is on a small wall going down the hallway. There is nothing else on the walls of the hall so it is kind of an eyesore. I took a bunch of random small pieces, painted them white and grouped them into a collage around the thermostat. The thermostat itself I put in a picture frame (glass removed) to kind of disguise it. The two odd shaped pieces are actually mirrors. One was picked up at Goodwill for $5, the other I've had forever from World Market. The two smaller pieces are picture frames, one from Goodwill for $1, the other from my grandma. They are a little too high to see in them, but still fun nonetheless. Here are the random pieces before spray painting.

And here is my beautiful new thermostat collage!

Doesn't it look better than a thermostat sticking out like a sore thumb?

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