Friday, November 4, 2011

Television stand from a ....television?

So you're probably wondering about a couple of things based on this picture. First, "What in the world am I looking at here?" Second, "You give your cat a Christmas present? Weirdo." (He is smelling of his gift, a can of cat treats. And yes my cat gets a Christmas present every year. Usually a can of cat treats!) Or maybe you're thinking, "How sweet I give my pet a Christmas gift too!" Or...maybe you've got it all figured out based on the title of this blog post. For those of use who haven't had their coffee yet today you should point your attention to the big screen television in the background.

I really do wish I had a better before picture but who says, "Hey I think I'm going to take a picture of my tv!" It's just your typical old school, 42" big screen tv, encased in a black square to make it look better. This is before flat screens were invented. I'm not even sure you can buy them like this these days. I haven't been tv shopping recently which you'll be able to see from my after shot. :) Regardless, this tv sat in my parents living room for many years. When it finally croaked it was taken to my step-father's garage where he then proceeded to take it apart because he was curious as to how it worked.

Being the thrifty and handy man he is, he then decided to make it into a tv stand. He took out the screen (and all of the inside parts of course) and cut off those sides of the box. What was the flat top to the tv box (can't be seen in the above picture unfortunately) was set on the top of the speaker part. We're getting technical here folks! He then put it on big casters so it would roll easily. When I was gifted it the speaker on bottom still looked like, well, a speaker. So I covered it up with a black curtain I got from Ross for $7.99.

Wha-lah! A tv cart was born. Best thing of all is since the bottom part was a speaker I can set my satellite receiver and dvd player below and it will still pick up through the mesh and fabric. All the cords and power wires are now hidden and if I want to put in a dvd or the satellite receiver gets ornery all I have to do is roll it out from the wall a little. Oh, and that part before about who takes a picture of their tv? Well, I did! I tried to pretty it up a little for the picture but it still a tv after all. Focus on the stand it's sitting on, not the actual tv! :)  Here is a close up of the fabric for you.

How awesome and creative is my step-father?!?

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  1. Very awesome and creative. Thanks so much for sharing and joining my newbie get out there and mingle! Enjoy.

  2. that is certainly a way to think outside the screen, or box! ;) it looks wonderful- great thinking!