Friday, August 17, 2012

Antique Dresser Reveal

I have finally managed to complete the vintage dresser. This was my first time using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I am a big fan. I loved not having to sand or primer. When I felt like working on the piece I just grabbed the paint brush! I did have to use two coats of the ASCP Old White but I believe it was because of the dark color of the wood and not anything with the paint itself. If you read my last post you'll know that I had a problem with adding glaze to the dresser, but this was not a failure of the ASCP. Yours truly neglected to do her research. :) My only complaint with ASCP is the price. Especially when you have to buy two different kinds of waxes!

Without further ado, here is the dresser beforehand. This was a Craigslist find.

I love the detailing on this piece! Especially on the top of the mirror. The only thing I did before I started painting was fill in the pieces of missing veneer (visible in the second picture) with wood filler and sand the top since I would be staining it a darker color.

As I previously mentioned I painted the piece ASCP Old White. I then applied the ASCP Clear Wax and the ASCP Dark Wax. The top I stained Kona by Rustoleum. The knobs are actually from Target. I think this piece would also look nice if it were distressed a little but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Nothing else in my house is distressed and the room itself (visible in the bottom picture with the mirror reflection) doesn't really have that shabby chic feel to it. Maybe next piece...or maybe I'll just get mad one day and take some sandpaper to this one! Here is the dresser after her makeover.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Fail

Today I was hoping to reveal the antique dresser I have been working on. Sadly, instead I bring you an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) FAIL!! It could be that I am the only person in the world who didn't know this about ASCP, but just in case there is someone else out there who is late to board the ASCP train, now you will know too.

What is "this" you ask? To start at the beginning I had just finished painting the antique dresser in ASCP Old White. So far I had been very pleased with the ASCP. I knew the piece was going to look great once I got it glazed, especially the mirror on top with all of its detailing. So the mirror is where I decided to start the glazing. I brushed the glaze on and when I went to wipe it off... HORROR. It wouldn't come off! My Old White was now a yucky gray thanks to absorbing some of the black glaze!! So I did what anyone would do and I rubbed harder. It still wouldn't come off! I threw the rag down in frustration and picked up the phone to vent to my mom. "Did you put on the clear wax first?" she asked. I told her I wasn't aware that I needed to put a coat of clear wax first. Apparently I missed that memo.

So dear readers if you didn't know you needed to put a coat of clear wax on first you can now avoid my mistake, and if you did know, feel free to laugh with me (at me?) at my ASCP fail. As for me, I'm hoping the fix will merely involve putting another coat of ASCP Old White on the mirror, putting clear wax on, THEN glazing!

Friday, August 3, 2012

A sneak peek

I have been wanting to try Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) for some time but the frugal side of this thrifty girl couldn't hardly come to grips with the price. Well, I finally bit the bullet and went to buy a quart and then I ended up having to wait two weeks on the ASCP in Old White to be restocked! It finally came in last weekend but I was hosting a baby shower for a co-worker. However, I could hardly contain my excitement so I did manage to find some time to put one coat on the piece I'm making over.  Here's a sneak peek! I can't wait to get out there and really get started!