Friday, June 8, 2012

Footstool Find

Once again things have been busy at Casa de Rafters. As the weather gets warmer I've been spending more time tending to outside things like the yard and the garden. I expanded the size of the garden this year to get another row in. I also gave up on growing an eggplant after two years of failures! Yesterday I got my first small garden haul.

That's three zucchinis, two green peppers, and a bunch of hot banana peppers. If things continue to go as planned pretty soon I'll be giving produce away I won't because able to eat all of it!

That's the first ripe strawberry of the year. I highly recommend growing a strawberry plant on a sunny patio. They have so much more flavor than the ones at the store.

I also rescued a footstool from an overgrown over flower bed in my yard. It was half buried in monkey grass. This flower bed has been on my to-do list since I moved in  (almost two years ago now. YIKES!!) but I just don't know how I want to fix it or what I want to plant. So there is sits neglected at the side of my house. At least I have managed to take away all the monkey grass which lead me to the footstool.

It was a pitiful site before. This picture is even after I had cleaner her up! I guess that's what being out in the elements for many years will do to you.

I am unable to reach the tallest shelves in my laundry room cabinet so I decided to put this to use in the laundry room. After all, it is still completely functional, just not that attractive. I took some of the leftover purple paint that I used in my laundry room light redo. And wha-la! Now she's functional AND pretty!

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