Friday, June 15, 2012

A New Ballard Inspired Mirror

I must confess. I have a mirror in every room of my house. I LOVE mirrors. And no, it's not because I enjoy looking at myself. I just love what a mirror can bring to a room. They can reflect light in an otherwise dark corner, they can make a room look bigger, they serve as great focal points. A great mirror is a piece of art. Mirrors pull a room together, much like curtains do. What's not to love about a mirror? Therefore you can only imagine my great joy when I came across this beauty at Goodwill for $19.91 (side note--seems everything I buy from Goodwill here lately is $19.91).

I've had her hanging on the wall behind my kitchen table as is while I looked for inspiration. Granted, I could have left her alone and many people probably would have been perfectly happy to do so. To me she just didn't have that oomph about her. Finally I came across this as my inspiration mirror. This is the Cassidy Mirror from Ballard Designs. It retails for $189 on their website. I liked that it had a gold ring encircling the mirror part, surrounded by some color and interesting detail.

I chose out my paint, a deep blue from Clark & Kensington (another free sample from Ace Hardware), and went to work. The paint is supposed to have a primer in it so I didn't bother priming. Honestly, it took me a little time to begin working on her. I was so afraid I would mess her up. Finally, I just took the plunge. After all, worse case scenario I would have been out $20 and would have to search for something else to put behind my kitchen table BUT if things went as planned I would have a beautiful mirror for a mere fraction of the cost. I did have a minor panic attack when I put on the first stroke of dark blue but at that point there was no turning back. Here she is mid way.

Surprisingly, the paint went on well but I did have to put on two coats. I didn't tape off around the gold part so I had to be extra careful when I was painting beside it. (The reflection in the mirror is of my basement ceiling. I haven't quite learned how to blur that out.) Two coats of paint later and I was ready to glaze. Once again I turned to the Martha Stewart Glaze. This time in a gold color called Medallion. This mirror had great details. Some that I didn't even see until I glazed her. In the end I did stray a little from my inspiration photo but that's what the creative process is all about. The more distressed and nautical look of the Ballard mirror wouldn't have vibed as well with my decor.

I love the way this mirror turned out! Here is the final product plus a few close ups so you can see those great details.

ALSO, for any of my readers familiar with my thrifted red bed redo I have finally purchased a mattress and have a picture of the bed--complete with bed linens--on that post. You can view the updated post HERE.

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  1. Your gilded gold coming through the blue looks like little stars in the night sky. Ilove mirrors, too! They throw a lot fo light around when you are short on windows, or if you just want extra bounce in your room! A new follower, and thanks for stopping by my blog, andrea

    1. Thanks Andrea! I never thought about the mirror looking like a night sky but I can totally see that now. :)

  2. Gorgeous! Great eye to see the potential in the thrifted mirror ... wonder how envious the original owner would be now! I'm planning on painting my own large round mirror in the next week or two and you've given me courage to tackle that based on your great results.


    1. Thanks Robin. I can't wait to read about your mirror on your blog!

  3. That turned out wonderful! Love the color and the way the texture stands out! Thank you for sharing at TTF and have a great day!

    1. Thanks Diann. And thanks for hosting each week!