Friday, May 25, 2012

Shades of Blue

One of my bosses gave me the piece that is the focus of today's project. I decided to turn this small table into a nightstand to sit beside the red bed. I didn't really have anything in mind for it except that I didn't want this piece to also be red. I did want to pull another color out of the comforter to pull the room together so I decided to focus on the mint green-bluish color that is the predominant color on the comforter. The first thing I did was give her a good cleaning. Then she was ready for her before picture.

Isn't she cute? I gave the entire piece a light sanding, gave her another good cleaning and started painting. I didn't intend to leave the top unpainted but my mom stopped by as I was working and she mentioned how cute she thought it would be with the top stained a dark color. I decided she was right. Sometimes Mom really does know best! 

The color is Woodsy Scent from Clark + Kensington (anyone else snag the free samples Ace Hardware was giving away?). The paint says it has a primer in it so I didn't prime but I still ended up having to put on two coats. Luckily this piece is small so it didn't take too long to recoat! The top I stained Kona from Minwax. Then I took some of the Martha Stewart Black Coffee glaze and glazed her legs. I replaced her old knob with a new one from Hobby Lobby. 

I'm really glad I stained the top instead of painting it. I think it looks wonderful!


  1. Love these timeless, serene colors! Very pretty.

  2. So beautiful! I love the colors that you chose.
    ♥ Terrie ♥

    1. Thanks Terrie. I think the knob is what pulls it all together!