Friday, March 16, 2012

Purple Power

Even though I've been doing this blogging thing for a few months now, sometimes I just get so excited to start a new project that I forget to take a before picture. That is what happened here. Once I got home from Goodwill I just started taking things apart.

Backtrack. What exactly was I taking apart? A brass chandelier. You know, those kinds you see at Goodwill and yard sales all the time. Well, were you aware you could paint those? Luckily, with a little research I was able to find the exact light online. Online it retails from anywhere to $119.79 to $199.65. What did I pay? $15! What a deal!! Also, since I was lucky enough to find it online at the Progress Lighting website, I was also able to snag a picture for you. This is what it looked like before I got my hands ahold of it.

I took it apart, into some 20 little pieces, and broke out the spraypaint. For shiny, slippery surfaces like this I always like to start with Bullseye 123 primer. After several thin coats of primer it was on to the main event. I chose a bright, grape colored purple. It's Valspar paint and I'm pretty sure it's just called Purple.

You might remember my laundry room redo with the purple ceiling and purple clothespin accents on the cabinet fronts. You can see the re-do here. This light was bought to replace the current laundry room light so it also became purple so as to continue the theme. Putting this light back together was a PAIN. All those little pieces I had to get to stay on while I was trying to get the glass inserts in. I was ready to give up several times. Nonetheless, I finally succeeded in putting it back together and I now have a beautiful purple light in my laundry room. It's much brighter than the old one. Plus, it puts all these awesome shadows on the ceiling!

Remember that if you ever see one of those brass lights that you like the shape of but aren't wild about the shiny brass aspect of it... it can be saved with spray paint!!

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