Friday, October 9, 2015

Daisy Cupcakes

I haven't been doing much furniture refinishing this summer. Instead, I've been taking cake decorating classes with my coworker. It's been so much fun! Alas, now we are all finished with the Wilton Method classes 1-4. Now maybe I'll have time to do some furniture again soon!

One of my closest friends recently got married and since I was unable to attend her bachelorette party, I offered to make her some cupcakes. Her bridal bouquet was to be daisies, so she asked for something with daisies on it. And pink, gotta have the pink. I did a google search for daisy cupcakes and came up with the following:

Image from Pinterest, apologies not sure of the original source as I never clicked through to read the story.

Perfect! Daisies and pink! I made funfetti cupcakes- yes sadly I used box cake but hey, Pillsbury spends a lot of money on having great tasting cakes - with a pink cream cheese icing. The daisy itself is gumpaste, and is inedible. Here are the results. Pretty spot on if you ask me and the bride-to-be said they were a hit at her party.

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