Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm Starting with the Fan in the Mirror

Hopefully, thanks to the title of this post, you are now singing the Michael Jackson song...I found this mirror at Goodwill for $8. I think it has a unique shape. While it looks like it has a wooden frame it is actually plastic. "Wood grain" texture and all!

Here is a before picture. It is hanging on my fireplace (sorry for the ceiling fan reflection but that's what gave me the inspiration for the title!) as that was its original intended home.

I originally painted this mirror red to match the two red vases on the mantle. I'm a huge fan of mirrors - there's at least one in every room of my house - but this one just wasn't working on the fireplace so I took it down. Maybe it was the reflection of the fan that kept staring at my every time I looked up.

I decided instead to hang it behind the tomato red bed. I painted it the same color as the nightstand and glazed it in my favorite Martha Stewart glaze.

Here's a photo after I had painted and had just started to glaze.

And here is the after! I started with a fan in the mirror and I asked him to change his ways (sorry, sometimes I just can't help myself). I like the mirror much, much better in its new home. Plus, that wall above the bed was looking a little bare!

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