Sunday, June 9, 2013

Front Door Makeover

I took a break from all of the upholstering to paint my front door last weekend. I wanted to go ahead and get it done before it got too hot and humid.

Here are two before shots. You can see it's just a solid oak door with two side lights.

I gave it a light sanding and then primed it with a white enamel primer (make sure you get outdoor paint!).

The color that I chose is Sherwin Williams "Spicy Hue". It's a rusty orange. The salesman at Sherwin Williams tried to talk me out of it. He said "I can't tell you when's the last time I sold this color. I think it's a little bright for a front door." I kindly told him that he was about to sell some now and to give me a quart. :)

And here is the final result. I think it's beautiful and it really makes the front door stand out! I might even take a picture of it with me the next time I go to Sherwin Williams and show the salesman how great it looks!


  1. The color of your door is appealing. It suits with its name Spicy Hue. Hehe! Did you see the salesman again? You should really tell him how beautiful your door is now after coating it. He and others may think that rusty orange isn't ideal for front doors, but look at the result. It was great that you didn't hesitate to try it even if he gave you some sort of warning that time. :)

    Roselia Mangione @ All County Exteriors

    1. Thanks Roselia. I haven't been back to Sherwin Williams yet, but when I do I plan on showing him a picture!

  2. Hi, Ms.A! Good thing you stuck with your chosen color, and ignored the comment of the salesman. As long as you are pleased and satisfied with the result, then no one can say that you made a wrong decision. I can imagine how bright your door can be during mornings; definitely worth staring at!