Friday, January 20, 2012

The Power of Spray Paint

I love spray paint. I always have a can of white and black on hand. I am convinced that almost anything you buy can be made to look chic, fabulous and fresh with a coat of white paint! That being said, today's post doesn't feature white, though the project probably would have looked equally good in white.

I bought this "dream" sign at Goodwill for $5. A little pricey I think but considering it still had a $24.99 sticker price on it, I'll take it. (Side note: When you take donations to Goodwill take the price stickers off if at all possible. I've noticed that they price higher on the things with tags! AND...can you believe someone paid $24.99 for this?!?) This is just a quick, easy redo. Here is my before picture.

Can't wait for the flowers to be blooming again!
And here it is after in its new home above the bay window in my master bedroom.

Easy peasy and it just added that little something extra, ya know?

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