Wednesday, September 28, 2011

From a dress into a...MIRROR?!?

I'm currently in the process of turning my master bedroom from boring into fantastic! My chosen color scheme is black and white with yellow accents. This mirror was transformed as a part of my bedroom makeover. This was picked up for $4 at a yardsale.

Excuse the dust under the bed in the first housekeeper clearly isn't doing her job :)

So, as you can see this mirror was painted with a finish that made it look dusty in the crevices (should fit right in then!) and the cheetah print wasn't going to work with my black and white scheme. I thought about painting over the cheetah print with arcrylic paint and attempting to do black and white pinstriping, but not being much of a painter that idea was vetoed. I decided that I would cover it with fabric. So I popped the cheetah out of the frame and set about covering it with a black and white jersey dress that no longer fit. (I had been keeping it in hopes of fitting in it again but who are we kidding here?) Since I'm still new to this blogging thing I forgot to take a picture of the dress before I sliced and diced and hot glued. But here's what's left.

While the mirror was deconstructed I also spray painted the frame a glossy back. Goodbye dusty looking frame! I popped the newly covered part back into the frame and TA-DAAA! Here's the final product. All total this redo cost me $5. $4 for the mirror and $1 for the spray paint (the $1 kind at Wal-Mart)!



  1. This maybe my Favorite or maybe my 2nd favorite? Either way I love it, such a simple redo that turned out awesome!

  2. This is very cool...what a great use for a fabulous print! Extremely creative Ms. A!

  3. Absolutely Beautiful!